Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Monday Morning Coffee Break

...I'm back!  Blogging and I aren't that close all the time. :)  I blog for a few days and than forget to...for weeks...months.  But, I am back and it's Monday.  A brief re-cap and overview of what's to come.  I have a few items in the works and a few more just done.  The usual dryer balls.  Lots of natural ones lately.  A couple of blankets and a couple of monster tooth fairy pillows.  Recently I made these cute "pirate" themed dolls and that is the inspiration I had for making this monster "pirate" tooth fairy pillow.  So cute huh?!

As far as other things I am doing.  Well baseball season has started so I will be super busy from about 4pm-8pm everynight as I have 2 son's in baseball and of course not on the same teams and of course they have different practice times...:)  Thankfully we live about 1 mile from where they practice so it's not too bad.  There is also a nice 3/4 mile path that goes around the park and fields that I like to run/walk on.  I also take my crochet with me and whip up some blankets while watching.  I've even taken wool to make dryer balls!  People must wonder...:)

 And a scarf or two or three...okay maybe around 10 in the past couple of weeks...

Where to find these awesome items?  Here on my Etsy page Shelly Rose Designs and here is where you can find me on facebook...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday (linking up with The Pleated Poppy)

This will be short and sweet.  We live in central PA and this weekend and first 2 days of the week have been crazy and busy with orders, sick kiddos, and then Hurricane Sandy.  We were very lucky here.  Very high winds for 12+ hours--scary winds--but nothing to compare it to the coast.  

So lets start this off.  Here is a little peak of part of my halloween costume that I wore last Friday...I was a cat lol.  I made the skirt my self and added boots~not the slippers, than some cool make-up, crazy hair, ears, and whiskers finished it off.  I didn't get any pics of the final outfit, so this is about it for now.

It is a pretty cold day, in the 40's and drizzly so comfy it is.  I don't really leave much anyways...working at home lol.  My big trip for the day will be taking packages of dryer balls to the post office lol.

Cream Tank~Banana Republic

pleated poppy

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craft it Thursday

What I'm working on now and the next few days:

This is wear I'll talk about what I am working on for the upcoming week or so.  I have a lot of ideas in mind.  Probably won't get to them all, but I'll try.  I'll also post pictures of projects recently completed.

First up is what is done:

I made a super warm and soft head band for my daughter (left) and a star pillow (right) inspired by the Star on "The Goodnight Show" on Sprout.  She loves both!  I want to make my own headband...when I find the time.:)

A week or two ago I made these cute little monster tooth fairy pillows for my cousin's sons.  She requested motorcycles and colors red, black, green, or yellow and this is hat I came up with.  I love them!  The mouth is open in the middle and acts as a pocket for tooth and money from the tooth fairy.  My son has a blue and green one and my daughter a pink one of is her favorite color.

Then, lots of dryer balls...hand dyed this time.  I have a lot of fun dying up different colors.

There were a few other projects but I don't have time to post them all.  I made a candy land lap blanket, a few totes, and a few zippered pouches.  

Today I am going to dye up some dryer balls, finish up a long skinny scarf/cowl, and cut fabric for some cute new skirts.

This week I want to finish at least 3 scarves, cut and sew up a few skirts and then start on some tie tees for the holidays.  

My goal for the next few months will be building up stock for craft shows and my online store The Green Belle Shop by Shelly Rose, and my Etsy Store.

That's about it for now...until next time.  Have a great day and happy crafting!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Ever wonder what a SAHM/WAHM wears?  No, not pj's, or sweats, or the like for me.  Even if I don't have plans to go anywhere I still like to look nice for my day.  If I don't shower and get ready in the morning than I just don't feel at my best and that makes me feel less creative and not as productive then.  So, I get up a little before my boys have to get up for school and get mostly ready.  Some days I want to do more with my hair so that happens later, but a touch of make-up and clean clothes consisting usually of jeans/khakis and a simple shirt or sweater starts my day off right.

This is me not doing my hair--air dry day.:)

So starting today I'm going to post what I put on for the day.  I forgot about it this morning when I was getting dressed so it really isn't planned out.  I know it's all about the accessories right now and layers but I am just not an accessory kind of girl.  My only jewelry is earrings, and my wedding ring and band, and occasionally a simple necklace.  Maybe I'll have to start spicing up my look with accessories...what do you think?

Luckily I pulled out a nicer shirt lol.  I love this shirt too.  The cut on the sleeves is so comfy and sytlish.  I'm also loving stripes right now too.  This shirt is about a year old and from Old Navy. 

One thing I wear everyday are my slippers.  I have these leapord print ones on today and I also have a pink pair, a turquoise pair, and a red pair.  I think I need more.  I love slippers!  They are more comfy than socks and since I can't stand bare feet, slippers are perfect for me.

Love these slippers!

Necklace from my MIL
Shirt from Old Navy
Tank from Banana Republic
Jeans from JCP
Isotoner Slippers from Khol's

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten

~Tuesday's Top Ten List~

Since it is so very close to Halloween...

My top ten list of scary movies:
*Note*  I haven't watched many if any scary movies since before I had kids so these will be oldies but goodies.
*In no particular order and I could have added at least 10-20+ more.  Maybe that'll be a list for next week...:)

  1. The Sixth Sense ((1999)  Quote:  "I see dead people."
  2. Psycho (1960)  Quote:  "She just goes a little mad sometimes.  We all go a little mad sometimes."  
  3. The Ring (2002)  Quote: "Before you die, you see the ring..."
  4. The Shining (1990)  Quote:  "Heeeeer's Johnny!" and "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
  5. Night of the Living Dead (1968) Quote:  "They're coming to get you, Barbara!  They're coming for you!  Look, there's one of them now!"
  6. Poltergeist (1982)  Quote:  "They're heeeere!"
  7. Jaws (1975)  Quote:  "You're going to need a bigger boat."
  8. Saw (2004)  Quote:  "Live or die, make your choice."
  9. Silence of the Lambs (1981)  Quote:  "It puts the lotion on it's skin."
  10. Friday the 13th (1980)  Quote:  "Look what you did to him--look what you did to him!"
What's your favorite?  What do you think should be on my list that I missed.  It was really hard to narrow it down to ten.  Since I haven't watched any really scary movies in the last 10 years or so what are a few good ones that are more recent.  What movies are you looking forward to that are coming out this Halloween season or has just come out?  Let me know...I may just get an urge to watch something scary once the kids go to bed...:)  

Have a great day!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday Coffee Break

Monday Morning Coffee Break

The mail basket.  This is all shipping today!

Good morning!  It is Monday morning yet again.  You know that day that comes around every 7 days and most of us dread because it means you have to go back to work and or school.  Well, I love Mondays.  Well, mostly I love Mondays.  I love getting back on track with a set schedule for the day.  The kids are in school and I can focus on my blogs (which needs attention...I know, I know:) and my business The Green Belle Shop by Shelly Rose.  The only part I don't care for is getting up at 5:30 am!  But, what can you do.  Someone has to get up and get the kids ready for school.

So to get back on track.  I am making myself blog *hopefully every day.  To do this I am going to have a similar blog every week for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on.  Here is my list so far--subject to change of course:)

Monday=Monday Morning Coffee Break
  *A brief little post telling you about my weekend or maybe new items coming soon to my shop, or maybe just some ramblings from me.  I can ramble well!

Tuesday=Top Ten Tuesday
  *A Top Ten list of some of my favorite things.  Can be anything and everything is possible.

Wednesday=Wear it Wednesday
  *A post on what I am wearing that day or how to style (though I am not a pro-stylist by any means.:) an item or other.

Thursday=Craft it Thursday
 *A post on how to craft it or what I want to craft new.  Sometimes a tutorial with pics if I am feeling really bloggy (that's not a word, but I think it should be).

Friday=Freebie Friday
 *Yeh!  Someone will get something for free with a purchase made that day.  Random draw of course.  Make sure check it out!

Saturday and Sunday/Weekend=What I'm reading this Weekend
 *Exactly what it says above.  I will talk about what I am reading this weekend.  Could be a book, could be the newspaper, could be a menu, or just a label if I really have no time.

Here is a few items I am working on or mailing out today...

A cute little tie onsie being mailed today.
What I'm working on today--a Rope Scarf

So, what do you think?  Like it?  I think this will help me keep on track a bit more and share my ideas with you.  Let me know if you want to hear about anything special!

Have a great Monday everyone.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Website!

Hello everyone!  I have exciting news here.  My very own website is up and running now.  The Green Belle Shop by Shelly Rose has been created and is ready for you.  

Hand made chenille baby blanket with satin edge.

Everything listed is hand made by me and I'll be adding more items daily/weekly.  It takes a long time to add pictures and descriptions for everything I have!  Who would have thought!

Tie tee and onsie in groovy guitars.  How adorable are these?!
  Take a look if you'd like and make sure you check back often, especially the very end of each month.  That's when I add ready to ship SALE items!

The Penelope Scarf--Skinny and Long with a hint of sparkle.

***This post was written by me--Shelly--not by son.  For some reason I have his name on my picture.  He has his own blog but this is not it.  I'm going to try to figure it out but for now...