Friday, July 27, 2012

Gaming~The Nintendo 3DS

Friday's Guest post by Blin Cook (my 8 year old son)

*Side note:  Blin plays soccer, football, and baseball.  He loves to ride his bike and go outside to play.  His game playing is limited and he does not get to play it all day long.:)

~I supplied some questions to get him started in italics.  His words are regular.  He will be mainly talking about the Nintendo 3DS and other Nintendo DS systems.  

When did you start gaming?
I started playing games when I was 3 years old.  I got my game for Christmas from my Papa who is my mom's dad.  It was kind of hard at first but my mom helped me out.  My dad's cousin Anthony helped me too.  The game was Drawn to Life for the Nintendo DS.  He helped me draw good pictures.

What was your first game system?
My first game system was the Nintendo DS.  It was black.  My black DS broke because I kept on dropping it.  You should be careful with a DS because it breaks easily, I know!  My friend's DSi XL doesn't break as easily because he has dropped it in the snow and spilled soda on it.  He even hit it a lot because he got mad at the game.  He has had his game for about 2 months to a year.

What did you like about it?
I like my DS because it was cool and the games were exciting.  My favorite game was Drawn to Life and Zelda.  Since I was only 3 and 4 years old my mom helped me because I didn't know how to do it or read and when I learned how to do it, it was cool and exciting.

What would you change?
I would want to make the DS bigger and more exciting to play with it.  When I didn't do the game right I got frustrated so I kept on trying even though I got mad.

What made you buy the 3DS?
I bought the 3DS because it was in 3D and you could play 3D games on it and the games were exciting, cool, and awesome because they were new to me and had new things I have never seen in new games and good pictures (graphics).  One game had a hang glider and the game is Mario Kart 7.

Who bought the 3DS for you?
I bought the 3DS for myself so I could try out the 3DS games and it was cool.

How did you save up that much money and was it hard?
I saved up my money by doing chores and from my birthday's, the tooth fairy, and Easter.  It was hard to save up that much money.

What do you like about the 3DS?
I like it because it's in 3D and there are cool games and the games are exciting.

What don't you like about the 3DS?
I don't really like the 3D when it is on all the way.  To change the 3D you can slide the switch to make it 3D or not 3D.  I usually leave the switch almost to the bottom so I don't get a lot of 3D.

What is your favorite game and why?
My favorite game is Star Wars.  I like it because there's ghost people and they never die.

Anything else you would like to talk about?
I play with my friends by hooking them up (wirelessly).  I play with my friends on the bus with my DS, at my house, and their houses.  I like to take it on trips too.  The 3DS games are white and a little bigger so you can't use them in the regular DS systems but you can use the regular DS games in the 3DS.

Thanks for reading my first blog.  I'll blog again but not really sure what'll it'll be about but it might be about something exciting, really exciting.

Blin Cook