Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Market Day

Market Day! YEH!

Some Wool Dryer Balls that I'm working on today--before I go to the market:).

Today is Wednesday and that means it's Market Day here in the Big Valley.  Yeh!  I love the market.  Fresh produce, fresh bread (all local), and fresh woopie pies for the kids:).    I love going to the market, did I mention how much I love the market?  Every Wednesday the kids and I (I have 3--ages 3-8) get ready mid morning and go to the market.  We all love it and it's a fun and easy way to educate my kids.  

This year I am going to be freezing and canning a bunch of summer produce, hopefully enough to last the winter.  I'm going to freeze some veggies, like green beans and corn and also a bunch of tomatoes.  I love using frozen tomatoes for chili and red sauces as they un thaw mushy and perfect for cooking down.  If I get crazy I will make a bunch of salsa and chili.  Our valley is perfect for growing peppers and I can get bushels of several varieties of peppers, from every color of bell pepper some hotter spicier jalapeƱos.  I love, love, love peppers and I can make a pretty mean and tasty salsa, much better than store bought of course:).  When I make it this summer I'll post pics and my secret recipe!  There is also a lot of local honey sold here, yummy!

Maybe next year when my kids get older I'll start selling some dryer balls and other items their.  This year I think my youngest is TOO young to sit there with me and my oldest two are still too young to stay home by themselves.  That's ok, it gives me a year to build up stock with out stressing about it.

So that's not all that I'm doing today.  Since I just made breakfast for the little ones, I know have time (after writing this blog) to start a batch of dryer balls--it is quite a lengthy process--and get some ruffles sewn for a diaper cover.  THEN the market, lunch, sew 2 diaper covers, and hopefully a baby romper for a pattern test!  Whew!  That's it, oops nope, dinner...and then my son's baseball game.  Should be a fun and great day, especially since it's going to be a perfect sunny mid 70's kind of day.  

Have I mentioned that I love the weather?  That's a whole other topic and blog though:).

Have a great day everyone!

Until later (and hopefully sooner),