Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainbow Blanket

Here is my lovely rainbow blanket that I made over the holidays and gave away. I have more yarn to make another...just have to find the time!


New items in the works...of course they're made of wool!

I've been a bad girl in the world of my blog...I'm sorry I love to write. But I guess I am a very fickle writer. Some months I'll write everyday...hundreds of words...then nothing for months. I'm like that with books too!

Anyways back to the subject. I have new wool products in the works! Still making a ton of dryer balls and I have 3 retailers so far. Such a fun and exciting way to start the new year. Well when I don't have any pending orders, or when some balls are felting I take out my crochet hook (never learned to knit...want to though!) and just start something. Sometimes it is a baby blanket...I have a pink and white cotton one 1/2 finished...or right now I'm obsessed with chunky lamb's wool blend cowls. They are so soft and I have a few sizes available already.

The other thing I love to crochet though it takes forever as there are soooo many little tiny stitches is a long simple scarf made out of the gorgeous mini mochi sock yarn. Yes, sock yarn for a scarf! It has the most beautiful blending of colors to stripe the scarf and it is a soft wool. Love it, perfect to lead you into spring as it is lightweight.

Well, with that I'll leave you...hopefully not for months and months again~