Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Monday Morning Coffee Break

...I'm back!  Blogging and I aren't that close all the time. :)  I blog for a few days and than forget to...for weeks...months.  But, I am back and it's Monday.  A brief re-cap and overview of what's to come.  I have a few items in the works and a few more just done.  The usual dryer balls.  Lots of natural ones lately.  A couple of blankets and a couple of monster tooth fairy pillows.  Recently I made these cute "pirate" themed dolls and that is the inspiration I had for making this monster "pirate" tooth fairy pillow.  So cute huh?!

As far as other things I am doing.  Well baseball season has started so I will be super busy from about 4pm-8pm everynight as I have 2 son's in baseball and of course not on the same teams and of course they have different practice times...:)  Thankfully we live about 1 mile from where they practice so it's not too bad.  There is also a nice 3/4 mile path that goes around the park and fields that I like to run/walk on.  I also take my crochet with me and whip up some blankets while watching.  I've even taken wool to make dryer balls!  People must wonder...:)

 And a scarf or two or three...okay maybe around 10 in the past couple of weeks...

Where to find these awesome items?  Here on my Etsy page Shelly Rose Designs and here is where you can find me on facebook...

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