Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday Coffee Break

Monday Morning Coffee Break

The mail basket.  This is all shipping today!

Good morning!  It is Monday morning yet again.  You know that day that comes around every 7 days and most of us dread because it means you have to go back to work and or school.  Well, I love Mondays.  Well, mostly I love Mondays.  I love getting back on track with a set schedule for the day.  The kids are in school and I can focus on my blogs (which needs attention...I know, I know:) and my business The Green Belle Shop by Shelly Rose.  The only part I don't care for is getting up at 5:30 am!  But, what can you do.  Someone has to get up and get the kids ready for school.

So to get back on track.  I am making myself blog *hopefully every day.  To do this I am going to have a similar blog every week for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on.  Here is my list so far--subject to change of course:)

Monday=Monday Morning Coffee Break
  *A brief little post telling you about my weekend or maybe new items coming soon to my shop, or maybe just some ramblings from me.  I can ramble well!

Tuesday=Top Ten Tuesday
  *A Top Ten list of some of my favorite things.  Can be anything and everything is possible.

Wednesday=Wear it Wednesday
  *A post on what I am wearing that day or how to style (though I am not a pro-stylist by any means.:) an item or other.

Thursday=Craft it Thursday
 *A post on how to craft it or what I want to craft new.  Sometimes a tutorial with pics if I am feeling really bloggy (that's not a word, but I think it should be).

Friday=Freebie Friday
 *Yeh!  Someone will get something for free with a purchase made that day.  Random draw of course.  Make sure check it out!

Saturday and Sunday/Weekend=What I'm reading this Weekend
 *Exactly what it says above.  I will talk about what I am reading this weekend.  Could be a book, could be the newspaper, could be a menu, or just a label if I really have no time.

Here is a few items I am working on or mailing out today...

A cute little tie onsie being mailed today.
What I'm working on today--a Rope Scarf

So, what do you think?  Like it?  I think this will help me keep on track a bit more and share my ideas with you.  Let me know if you want to hear about anything special!

Have a great Monday everyone.



  1. Do I like it? I LOVE it! Hope you can do it! ;) I <3 Mondays too! And Sunday nights. Mr. L thinks I am crazy. Really I am not. The kids are back to school & I can get things done. :)

    Ps. I love that you are going to join up with the WIWW - Make sure you link up with the Pleated Poppy too!

    Happy Monday. <3

    1. Thanks Beverly! Yes, I do to love Mondays. Probably for the same reasons as you:).

      I will link up to the Pleated Poppy on Wednesday. Are you planning on linking up as well?