Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to do instead of blogging!

Well, I keep thinking and feeling bad about not writing anything on here...because well...I have a million other things I should be doing. So I thought I'd just sit here and list it all out instead of getting up and writing a list on paper (which I'll probably do anyways as I can never be without my lists).

What I need to do today--

Give 2 little ones a bath
Cloth the little ones
Vacuum (love love love to vacuum!)
Clean downstairs bathroom toilet (I have boys in my house...yuk!)
Make dryer balls
Make sample crocheted eggs for Easter
Plan dinner
Actually make dinner
Start dough for bread for dinner (better hurry on this one)
Get recyclables ready to take to town
Go to town and run a couple of errands
Go to fabric store
Take photos and list new items on etsy

What to do in the next day or two or three or four!
Order some yarn
Make more dryer balls
Vacuum upstairs
Organize attic for my new improved large sewing and crafting and kid play room!
Clean upstairs bathrooms
Make birthday cards for April B-Days
Organize bills
Clean off big table...clutter collects

Ok I have to stop now because that list is getting a bit too long...

Bye for now...who knows maybe I'll stop back by today...wait no I don't have time!:)


  1. Michelle, you make me want to start blogging again! I hear you on the list, and need to make my own if I haven't filled the first 10 pages of a notebook in just the last 2 days! But those are lists of things I need to get for my business (costumes, props, equipment, etc.).

    Keep up the good work and have a great day!

  2. Carrie--
    List them on your blog! You never know who you will meet and that can help your business too...think of it as free advertising...well besides your time!:)