Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Neglect...and other ramblings...

I am neglecting my blog...not because I've forgotten about it. I seem to have a hard time writing about me and my things and then letting the world read it...though I don't think anyone is reading it as I only have one real follower!

I love to write and typing is even better for me as my brain seems to run at a fast pace...just ask my husband. We'll be talking about oh say a yellow car that just passed me because I drive like my 65 year old neighbor (I really do...I was following her into town one day 23 miles, not on purpose, just happened, but I drove normally and stayed right behind her! That is another story!) So see what happens, my mind runs away on tangents, and my poor husband just can not keep up. He just doesn't understand the workings of my fast mind!

So today I gave my blog link to a friend and then decided then and there that the neglect of my blog just wouldn't do another day. As soon as I posted the link I hopped on over and wrote this. It isn't much but at least I can cross one thing off my list for the day!


  1. i've been neglecting my blog too. isn't it amazing how much real world stuff you can get done while neglecting your blog? I get much too intent on having quality content and then i draw a blank.
    Now that you have more followers, you'll probably blog more.

  2. Yes...thanks for the follow. It does feel a bit weird to blog only to myself! lol!