Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Ever wonder what a SAHM/WAHM wears?  No, not pj's, or sweats, or the like for me.  Even if I don't have plans to go anywhere I still like to look nice for my day.  If I don't shower and get ready in the morning than I just don't feel at my best and that makes me feel less creative and not as productive then.  So, I get up a little before my boys have to get up for school and get mostly ready.  Some days I want to do more with my hair so that happens later, but a touch of make-up and clean clothes consisting usually of jeans/khakis and a simple shirt or sweater starts my day off right.

This is me not doing my hair--air dry day.:)

So starting today I'm going to post what I put on for the day.  I forgot about it this morning when I was getting dressed so it really isn't planned out.  I know it's all about the accessories right now and layers but I am just not an accessory kind of girl.  My only jewelry is earrings, and my wedding ring and band, and occasionally a simple necklace.  Maybe I'll have to start spicing up my look with accessories...what do you think?

Luckily I pulled out a nicer shirt lol.  I love this shirt too.  The cut on the sleeves is so comfy and sytlish.  I'm also loving stripes right now too.  This shirt is about a year old and from Old Navy. 

One thing I wear everyday are my slippers.  I have these leapord print ones on today and I also have a pink pair, a turquoise pair, and a red pair.  I think I need more.  I love slippers!  They are more comfy than socks and since I can't stand bare feet, slippers are perfect for me.

Love these slippers!

Necklace from my MIL
Shirt from Old Navy
Tank from Banana Republic
Jeans from JCP
Isotoner Slippers from Khol's

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  1. Thanks! Looks like there are a lot of stripes on today...:) I wore stripes yesterday too!

  2. Adorable slippers! I love being barefoot, but my toes get too cold in the winter.

  3. Love it! You look great! Go for it with the accessories. Start with something small :)